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Excalibur 48V SLA Retail Price $3200.00

This is a  48 volt SLA flat-bed scooter made to our standards.
The Excalibur's features include:
Two front shocks as well as a seat shock for comfort and a smooth ride.
Three wheeled breaking for added safety, a front brake on handlebar and a foot break for rear tires.              4 SLA batteries.        Weighs 125 lbs.
Highway pegs are included just like on our Raptor model.
It features 3 speeds and will smoothly go from 0 to approx. 30 mph (speeds may vary with driving conditions and occupant weight)  
Large, wide and aggressive rear drive wheels for your off-road adventures.
Undercarriage lights and cell phone holder/charger are standard.
Easy folding, ONE will easily fit in the back of a hatchback or SUV

Raptor 48V Li-Ion Retail Price $4400.00

                        The Baddest Scooter on the Planet. 48 Volt Li-Ion
                     The most powerful and versatile scooter in the world! 

  • 3 power level with shift on the fly technology
  • 3-4 days on a single charge!
  • Aggressive front tire for off-road adventures
  • Highway pegs foot rests on front fork, look cool and ride in style.
  • Universal cellphone holder with USB charger
  • Heavy duty metal cargo basket
  • Bright white ground effect/safety lights
  • Cyclops II super bright headlight and taillight
  • 25+mph top speed on level 3! ( speed will vary with conditions, weight, terrain)
  • Will tow 300lbs on flat ground!        Weighs only 65 lbs.
  • High-tech fast charger, fully charges  in just 4 hours.
  • Removable key for security

Condor 36v Li-Ion Retail Price $3600.00

*   Our lightest bike! 

*  36 volt Lithium Ion.

*  The tamer little brother of our famous Raptor!




Feel free to check out the manufactures website for product details and extensive videos and reviews.  Call for in stock deals and promotionals ...

fat tire bikes by civibike


Rebel 500 Watt Folding E Bike

You can easily take this folding E bike in any car trunk , boat hatch or RV door. The seat and battery remove for compact storage.

With a 500 watt motor and 4'' all terrain tires this little rocket will propel a 260 lb. person over any terrain up to 22 mph. 

Optional racks and basket available.

From  $1595


Cheetah 750 Watt E Chopper

This beast will take you anywhere you want to go.

 From cruising the bike paths and sand to over the grassy hills without a problem. The 750 watt motor with 4'' Fat Tires gives you an incredible ride and performance.  

Top speed up to 28 MPH on the street.

Can be customized to your riding style.

Starts at $2595

Limited Edition


Runabout Step-Through 500 Watt Street Tire Cruiser

This easy to drive lightweight urban hauler has available front and back racks and baskets to transport all the goodies you need anywhere you want to go.  Can hold 310 pounds of rider and  gear.

$1595 includes Front basket and fenders.

civibike Specs and Features


Predator All Terrain Mountain Bike

Overall one of the most versatile e bikes on the market. With 4"  Fat Tires and Mozo Front Suspension this bike rides amazing on trails and  off road conditions. The 500 watt motor can boost you to over 20 mph and makes climbing up hills easy. The aluminum alloy frame can withstand the harshest riding conditions and support up to 320 pounds.


            $1795 ready to roll. Optional rear rack available. 

Aluminum Alloy Frames

All Civibike products are made from 6061 Aluminum Alloy that is extremely durable and lightweight. The 4 models that Civibikes imports to the USA are proprietary and have a patented frame design.  They are built to last and feature a lifetime frame warranty.

Bafang 48V Motor

All Civibikes use the best internal geared rear hub motor available on the market.  The 500 Watt Bafang Motor puts out a peak of 800 watts and a continuous 500 watts of power to propel the rider up to 26 mph.

The Cheetah E Chopper boasts a 1000 watt peak performance and constant 750 watts to move this 70 pound beast over 28 mph on flat roads and uphills without a problem.

Samsung Litium Ion Battery

Depending on the model, we use 13ah to 17.5ah Samsung 48 V Lithium Ion batteries for long life and reliability.  

Shimano 7 speed Altus Shifter

Shimano 7-speed Altus stainless steel derailleur and chain. Easy trigger shifter allows for

 smooth shifting.

Tektro Disk Brakes

Tektro premium disc brakes in the front and rear. Heavy duty Hydraulic Disc Brakes on the Cheetah E Chopper for safe and smooth stopping.

Electric Bike Company of newport beach ca

Model C

Model S

Model S


Constructed with aircraft grade aluminum 6061 hydro-formed frames. Maximum 1250 watt MXUS motor with a 10 year warranty can do 28 mph. We complete a 7 step process including painting, cleaning, base primer, 3 coats of paint, and 2 coats of clear sealant and then a heat treatment gives extra durability and beautiful finish.

Built in Alarm available.

Patented Built in Charger with retractable cord that plugs into standard 110v outlet.

100 mile battery upgrade available.

Starts at $1995

Model S

Model S

Model S



 Our top quality neodymium magnets and quality copper windings ensure efficient, quiet and high performing motor functions.

With a maximum power output of 1250 watts (26 amp controller and 48 V battery) and a continuous output of 500 watts our motor has industry leading acceleration and hill climbing performance for riders up to 380 lbs.

Starts at $1995

Model X

Model S

Model Y


The 48V li-ion battery allows for 1000 watts of peak power to be delivered to the motor when needed. 

We only use Tektro hydraulic disc brakes with safety electrical motor disconnect wiring.  The 180mm rotors come with only stainless steel attachment hardware, for extra safety and stopping power.

Optional Fenders and Baskets available.

starts at $1495

Model Y

Quality Componants and Customization

Model Y


10ah Samsung built in battery for long life extended and range. 

We provide 5 year limited warranty on our batteries and 10 year motor and frame warranty. Jetset double walled aluminum rims for strength and durability.  

Stainless steel Basket with front and Rear Lights standard equipment.

Stainless Steel hardware throughout.

Tektro Hydraulic Disk Brakes standard.

Leather Saddle and Hand Grips.

Starts at $1495

why buy ?

Quality Componants and Customization

Quality Componants and Customization



180 components built entirely by hand in Newport Beach  California USA...

Made to order and complete customization, from color to branding and optional accessories !!!

Industries BEST Warranty !!!

Five-year warranty on the battery ,

10-year warranty on the motor and frame

30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked.

Quality Componants and Customization

Quality Componants and Customization

Quality Componants and Customization



  Electric Bike Company owns the battery designs and technology. We have filed for a sole patent on an internal charger with retractable cord, plug and play wiring technology and a Smart BMS for maximum battery life and efficient battery management. We use the best batteries currently on the market, Samsung 29e Lithium Ion Cells. 

Mention code "OnEbikeZ" for additional discounts.